Vassilikos area is renowned for the natural beauty and tranquillity, a paradise for those who love the sea. The lush vegetation harmoniously combines with the sandy beaches to offer the visitors the best views in Zakynthos. Access is easy by car or even on foot. Vassilikos is a general area of the peninsula rather than a separate resort, a wonderful part of Zakynthos with many villages that aren´t densely populated. Alongside with the area´s natural, wide beauty, one can see vast olive groves which are carefully cultivated. Right under the high mountains visitors may find some of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Zakynthos, but in the whole Ionian area. Vassilikos is also a known reproduction site for the famous Caretta sea-turtle, which are under the supervision and protection of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. Vassilikos, while a very quiet resort, offers every convenience possible, restaurants, taverns, mini markets and shops in many spots in the area.



Most shops at Vassilikos area are located along the main road. They include several super-markets, groceries, gift-shops and bakeries. Many of the gift-shops offer small turtle-dolls and a wide range of traditional items, like pottery and sweets made of honey and almonds (like mandolato and pasteli).

The beaches

Wonderful, golden beaches with clear, shallow waters, ideal for adults and children alike, and having a lot of options like showers, sunbeds for rent, scuba diving, sea-skiing, ringo, sea-bikes etc. Some of the water sports are not allowed at some of the beaches, to protect the Caretta sea turtle. The turtles reproduction time coincides with the summer vacations. During July and August, the female turtles come ashore to bury their eggs about 50 cm in the sand. The warm sand causes the eggs to hatch and the baby turtles emerge 8 weeks later, immediately heading to the moonlit sea.



Vassilikos area has few but quality bars which are preferred as they have enough events in the summer nights. There are also coastal which they serve tourists during the day.Some of them give you the opportunity to combine your dinner with an authentic Greek evening Zakynthian songs and dances. It is a small, quiet haven for your favorite relaxing and full of amenities holidays.